Canine Training Programs

Obedience & Behavior Modification


Basic Obedience

In our basic training classes, our first priority is to help you and your family fix any behavior problems ASAP. However, just is important, as correcting behavior problems, is to ensure the problems don't come back, so coupled with behavior modification training we will teach you and your dog(s) basic commands such as:

Basic Obedience                                         

Once we are finished with your in-home portion of training, you and your family will be equipped with the knowledge of thinking like a dog. You will have the ability to teach your dog that he/she has to listen to you 100% of the time, leaving them no choice but to view you as his/her pack leader.This is what will prevent major behavior problems in the future and ensure a lifetime with your pet a success.

We will teach you how to tap into your dogs desire to please, therefore all of our training procedures are positive methods.

All of our training programs come with a Written Lifetime Warranty that includes free monthly group class tune-ups for life.


Advanced Obedience

Our Advanced Obedience Classes are important when your dog is out of control or if you would enjoy the extras that most canines can accomplish.. We will teach your dog additional commands that are not included in our basic classes such as:


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Executive Training

This is our top-notch training program and will be customized to your  requests. This program benefits you if you don't have time to practice in between lessons or if you just want a professional trainer to work with your dog several times a week until your dog is manageable. This program will greatly reduce your amount of responsibility in the training process.

We will do the training in your home and surrounding neighborhood 3-6 days per week as needed. Your participation in this program is not required but it is recommended for you and/or family to attend as many classes as possible to achieve best results.

( If we are working on behavior problems, your participation is required during that portion of training so you can follow through with procedures to fix them while we are not in your home.)


 Protection Training    * For Qualified Breeds *

Protection Training

Fun Dog Training is highly trained and educated in the art of protection training. After just one appointment where we will put your dog to the test, we can tell you if you have a qualified canine for protection work. After approval from the training director, we will tailor a program to train your working dog to protect your home or office, and most important your family. A well-trained protection dog gives you and your family the confidence that they have a bodyguard no matter what the circumstances.

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CGC Training

Fun Dog Training has AKC certified trainers to train and/or test for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate. Upon completing one of our obedience or puppy kindergarten programs, you will be eligible to take the 10 step CGC test completed by one of our AKC certified evaluators. Once your dog(s) pass the test, you will receive a CGC Certificate(s) from the AKC and be proud that your dog(s) are going to be well behaved members of the community. We also provide testing If your dog is already prepared to take the test without any further training requirements.For more information call us to schedule a free in-home training evaluation to determine your dog(s) needs.