10 rules for training dogs for dummies

10 rules for training dogs for dummies

Many dog owners want to make the capabilities and abilities of their pet much better. You can always have tdog traininghe help of a dog handler and in this case, training a puppy will be more effective but to use the services of a specialist you need to pay a lot of money. In order to learn how to train a dog on your own, you need to learn some simple dog training rules for dummies that will help anyone.


Rule 1:

Do not allow your dog what you forbade her already. For example, you prohibited a dog chew on shoes but here came guests whom you do not sympathize with and you suddenly allowed chewing on their shoes. Such kind of methods can confuse the animal and next time it will again nibble your shoes.

Rule 2:

When the dog was given a certain command there is a need to achieve its fulfilment. For instance, they gave the command to «sit» but the command was not completed. In this case, you do not need to immediately switch to another team but try to make the dog fulfil exactly the one that you already gave it. You need to make sure to fix the result with a tasty treat.

Rule 3:

While you are teaching a dog with fixing certain command you do not need to change them or train them again in a different way. For example, an animal can stand on its hind legs using a support like a chair but you want it to do it without support. You need to change the execution of the team should be implemented gradually because such experiments can lead to full forgetting of the command.

Rule 4:

It is necessary for you to establish a mutual understanding with the dog. In order to achieve this, you need to give your pet a lot of free time, try to walk, praise, play with it more often. This is the main tip when training dogs for dummies.

Rule 5:

Do not fool the dog and try to not leave it alone for a long time. The dog must feel its owner and be on the same page with you.

Rule 6:

It must be remembered that the correct execution of a command depends not on the dog skills but on your responsibility. In the case you incorrectly trained and explained your four-legged friend then result will be the same.

Rule 7:

Taking care of your pet is considered the most important rule of training dogs for dummies. Everyone needs care and attention and especially during long training.

Rule 8:

You need to always keep the dog in check. Probably, the dog could have inappropriate behaviour in different situations and your duty as an owner is to do not lose your vigilance.

Rule 9:

Always think straight about the possibilities of your pet. Do not try to achieve more out of it than it could perform.

Rule 10:

The last thing in rules for training dogs for dummies is that you should not lose the respect of your dog. Do not break your anger on it and do not scream at your pet. Otherwise, everything that you went through with him will be wasted in vain.