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How to Choose Puppy Shoes?

Some are convinced that puppy shoes are nothing more than a pet owner's whim. Sometimes this accessory really serves for decorative purposes, and it is not necessary to wear it at all. But there are situations when a pet needs shoes. It is worth noting that most often the owners buy shoes for small breeds

How to Choose Puppy Shoes?2020-09-15T09:19:47+00:00

Understanding Search And Rescue Dog Training

Search and Rescue Service is a set of command and control bodies, forces and means designed to solve problems in the prevention and elimination of emergencies. A search and rescue dog is not just a profession, it is a noble deed, to which an animal and its owner must devote a lot of time and

Understanding Search And Rescue Dog Training2020-09-15T09:14:43+00:00

What You Need To Know About Puppy Aggression

Puppy aggression is inherent in all dogs. This is one of the survival models of predators in nature. It can be different in its point of application and mechanism of occurrence. So, the goal of interspecies aggression is to get food, i.e. hunting or the preservation of life and offspring from more formidable predators. A

What You Need To Know About Puppy Aggression2020-09-15T09:10:49+00:00

Dog training supplies

To carry out the basic obedience exercises you need to have the appropriate dog training supplies or equipment. In this article, you will learn about the basic dog training equipment, without you will not be able to train your dog in any activity. You will also know the optional dog training supplies. Items of optional

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Military dog training

Military dog trainers are in charge of the care and basic military dog training, which are often used for drug control, missing or wanted location, or bomb-tracking missions. They use a military working dog assigned to perform specialized duties in law enforcement, physical security, counterterrorism operations, explosives and / or illicit drug detection in the

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Dog training tools

Toys, food, muzzle, or leashes are some of the key dog training tools. Having a pet is, for many, synonymous with having another member of the family. On many of these occasions when you have a pet, it is usually a dog that is part of the lives of people who live in the same

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Dog training camp

Dogs and sport are one thing, regardless of the size of the dog they all love to be outdoors and run after a ball and that´s why is very important to choose right dog training camp. In some cases, there are even dogs with extraordinary abilities that we must stimulate, generating good for our friend

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Police dog training

Lastly, we hear more and more about the role of police dogs in our society because thanks to their abilities they help the security forces in many missions that´s why the police dog training is very important. The dogs that apply for these positions must meet a series of requirements and undergo specific training and

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In home dog training

When you bring a new dog or pet home, you should establish and start a routine as soon as possible. The faster you get things in order, the less problems you will have to solve. There are different strategies for in home dog training. The amount of time you need is variable. By applying schedules,

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How To Teach Your Dog To Shake

It is nice when you return home, and your puppy does not rush to you with all its might, demolishing everything in its path, but runs up and stretches out its paw to say hello. Good manners always command respect. Moreover, this trick can be taught to a very small puppy. How to teach your

How To Teach Your Dog To Shake2020-09-07T04:46:23+00:00
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