4 Things Dog Owners Should Know About to Protect Themselves and Their Dog

4 Things Dog Owners Should Know About to Protect Themselves and Their Dog

Although we may not enjoy thinking about it, our world is full of perils. However, there are things people can do to avoid those hazards. Let’s focus on four specific things that will help dog owners and their pets remain safer.

Pet Insurance

Although you may not think health insurance is necessary for your pet, veterinary costs are going up all the time. If an accident should occur or an unexpected surgery be required, treatment can be quite expensive. Beyond that, some pets develop chronic health problems. Like health insurance for humans, pet insurance will cover the cost of veterinary bills in exchange for monthly payments. PetsQuote recommends that, as with human health insurance, you should shop around before buying a plan.

It is best to look for a provider that does not put a yearly cap on the expenses. If such a cap does exist, make sure it is sufficient for your dog’s needs. Also compare co-pays, deductibles and other factors you would normally question in an insurance plan.

Whether or Not Your Homeowners Insurance Covers Dog Bites

All dogs feel protective of their own yards. If someone wanders into yours invited or not, your canine companion may decide to defend the property. As the owner of both pet and property, you would be responsible for any personal injury that results. According to Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP,  dog owners are held liable for any bites inflicted by their dog, which can lead to significant charges. Medical expenses mount up, and you could be sued. It’s best to check your homeowners insurance coverage in advance.

Non Lethal Weapons

It’s difficult to discuss personal safety without a word on weaponry, but the nonlethal kind should suffice. If you are confronted with a large and aggressive dog, you may be forced to protect your own dog and yourself from attack. You’ll find that even very belligerent dogs can be deterred with pepper spray. TBO Tech recommends using a stun baton. Dog-specific devices that target a dog’s sensitive nose can also work, although keep in mind that whatever affects the aggressive dog can also affect your pet.

Unattended Dogs

Although most people probably never consider this issue, pet theft is on the rise. As unbelievable as it may seem, people can and do steal dogs. There are a wide variety of reasons why someone might attempt to take your pet, but none of them are good. With puppies and certain breeds, the motive is often resale. Since dogs are increasingly thought of as family members, they are sometimes kidnapped by the unscrupulous just to claim a reward. Worse yet, small ones are occasionally taken to use for training other dogs to fight. One way or another, anyone who steals a dog is very likely to have bad intentions.

You alone are responsible for the protection of your pack. Never leave your dog unattended in a public space. You should also consider having a microchip embedded in your canine friend. Dogs don’t mind it at all, and it amounts to a permanent form of traceable ID. Advanced obedience courses can also be helpful in protecting your dog.

Although there are many dangers in the world, most of them can be avoided with common sense and a few simple precautions. We hope that you will never have to face these problems, but we also hope that you will be properly prepared should you encounter one.