3 Nasty Habits That Need to Be Trained Out of Your Puppy Sooner Rather Than Later

3 Nasty Habits That Need to Be Trained Out of Your Puppy Sooner Rather Than Later

Puppies add a lot of joy to our lives, but they also need some training to ensure they coexist well with everyone else in the household. Young dogs, particularly puppies, have a lot of unique needs that aren’t as applicable to grown dogs. Knowing how to rid your young pet of a few nasty habits early on will prevent problems further along. 


When puppies and young dogs lack a good understanding of the house rules, they might take part in hyperactive behavior, like jumping, barking, or even play-nipping that can turn into biting. Nobody likes listening to a dog barking all the time. When hyperactivity involves jumping, nipping or biting, this behavior poses a possible legal risk to the owner.   

Laziness or Inactivity

Physical activity should be an essential part of any dog’s life, and it’s easy to start getting your dog to be active by taking him or her for regular walks. Dogs who go for daily walks and get other exercise are less susceptible to obesity-related issues, like diabetes and heart disease, making physical activity an essential part of your pet’s overall health. Failure to regularly exercise your dog may even be considered abuse or neglect.

Begging for Food

Few things appeal more to dog lovers than a dog, especially a puppy, begging for his or her food. However, encouraging this behavior is also an excellent way to get your pet into the habit of expecting a sample every time someone eats. Your family might find this behavior cute, but your guests might not.

Noisiness When Left Alone

Some breeds develop stronger bonds with their owners than others and end up prone to separation anxiety. However, your neighbors might not appreciate your dog barking or howling when you leave the house. Teaching your dog to stay quiet when told is an excellent way to eliminate these issues. 

The Difference That Training Makes

Making an effort to teach your puppy basic commands will help keep everything in your home more harmonious. Nasty habits like hyperactivity, begging for food, and making a commotion when you leave the house are easier to resolve while your dog is young and willing to learn. The sooner your dog gets out of these bad habits, the better. Fun Dog Training specializes in personalized private dog training programs, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Although nasty habits in a puppy might seem difficult to stop, persistence and patience are the keys to good results. When you take the time to train him or her properly, everyone will be happier.