Dog training camp

Dog training camp

Dogs and sport are one thing, regardless of the size of the dog they all love to be outdoors and run after a ball and that´s why is very important to choose right dog training camp. In some cases, there are even dogs with extraordinary abilities that we must stimulate, generating good for our friend and ourselves. Of course there are special clubs where the animals are trained by specialized people and with high quality materials, but why not try to make our own dog training camp at home, so we provide fun without leaving home and lower the costs that ordering them could mean. from abroad.

Guide to make dog training camp

Let´s see full guide of steps to make own dog training camp:

  • The first thing is to determine what type of training is the most appropriate for our dog. There are sports such as canicross, agility-dog or flyball. The 3 cases, no matter how complicated their names sound, are fully replicable from our home. 

Canicross consists of the owner running alongside his dog on natural terrain for about 7 km. The Flyball is for entertainment and fun being very similar to the competitions where a freesbee is used, but in this case a ball thrown by an automatic device is used, regardless of whether it is a freesbee or a ball, the idea is that the dog returns us the object to throw it again. Agility-dog is a bit more complex since the appropriate infrastructure is needed to practice it, because it is a game sport in which the dog must go through different obstacles grouped in a route, without a leash or collar.

Regardless of what you decide to practice with your dog, you must teach him the basic rules of obedience, how to go off leash, sit, lie down, stand and of course answer your call, walk by your side without starting, etc. All this is apparently difficult, but with love, patience and fun you will get it. Remember to reward your dog with either a snack, toy or a treat every time he does something new and repeat it until he gets it.

  • Define the place, it is very important that your patio has adequate space so that they can move without problems.
  • Know the obstacles and how we can build them. The obstacles of the Agility-dog are the following:

The tunnel: the idea is that your dog passes through a cylinder, either flexible or rigid. In this case you can use a large box or a metal drum with enough space for the dog to pass. Important is that each obstacle must be directly related to the size of the dog.

The palisade: the idea is that they are two inclined planes, forming an A, the idea is that the dog goes up and down without jumping. You can build this obstacle out of wood.

The catwalk: it is a plate away from the floor where the dog must pass. The ideal material is wood, and the height can be given with floors or trestles of the same material. The idea is that he remains firm and does not fall apart as the dog passes.

The slalom: There are several stakes planted at the same distance. PVC pipes are ideal to manufacture them.

The long jump: several pieces of wood must be placed in succession to establish a minimum jump distance.

The rocker: it is a mobile plate with a fixed centre. Wood will be ideal.

The table: your dog must get on and execute the commands that are requested such as «sitting», «standing», etc. A table that we do not use at home would be a nice option for this.

The immobilization zone: the dog must stop before continuing its journey. It can be a «bed drop» or small rug.

Of course, there are other obstacles that can be considered such as walls, fences with panels or bars, tires, among others. A little more complicated to make but with materials such as wood and PVC they can be made. The idea is that they provide resistance and security.

  • The education of the dog is essential in the first trainings, these should be based on the fun of the game and the confidence towards its owner. Once this stage is over, there may be such a connection that the dog performs the circuit alone and the owner will only give the orders from the middle of the field.

Summary of training camp

Without a doubt, this activity will be very entertaining for your dog and for you, there will be energy expenditure, learning, confidence and of course a lot of fun. The important thing is to have ingenuity and with simple materials to build the necessary obstacles, then you can paint and improve them or give them a touch of sophistication, the main thing is to have the raw material, the desire to do it and of course make it as safe as possible. Try it and your dog will definitely thank you for his training camp!!!