Dog training tools

Dog training tools

Toys, food, muzzle, or leashes are some of the key dog training tools. Having a pet is, for many, synonymous with having another member of the family. On many of these occasions when you have a pet, it is usually a dog that is part of the lives of people who live in the same house.

However, everyone knows that it is not enough to have a dog, it is necessary to educate and train him so then he can be another member of the family. That is why we have only trusted professional trainers to help in the laborious task of educating our dog.

In addition to this, more and more people decide to start their journey as dog training to train their own dogs and also to help many others on this hard path that ends with a happy ending for everyone.

Here are some of the tools you need to start your path as a dog trainer, either to train your own dog or to work doing this job.

Basic tools to work as a dog trainer

Before starting to detail what are the basic dog training tools, it is convenient to know everything related to behaviours and some medical aspects related to dogs. It´s necessary to be able to put into practice different training methods and master the techniques of this work.

For this reason, it is necessary to have a basic briefcase in which you include some basic medical items such as bandages, first aid items such as thermometers, food or drink bowl or different spare strings. In addition to this, you must also have other basic tools to work as a dog trainer.

So, let´s see dog training tools we consider basic:

  1. Toys

It is known to all that one of the methodologies used to train dogs is to offer them some type of reward when they do their educational activities well, prizes that can include both treats and toys that can be balls, tires, rubber toys etc… All these toy items will be used to reward or punish the dog during his training. Of course, it must be taken into account that these toys must be of a size appropriate to the size of the dog itself so he cannot swallow it or can be harmed and not in any way since to train it is not necessary to harm the dog.

  1. Food

In the same sense as the above tool, it is necessary to have some types of food such as treats that will serve as prizes to offer the dogs when they perform the exercises and activities well during their education.

  1. Collar and leashes

Other tools necessary to work as a dog trainer are the different collars and leashes that will serve to hold the dog when performing different activities. As the training and education activities progress, the chain can be released more giving kind of freedom to a dog.

  1. Whistle

The whistle is one of the basic tools when working as a dog trainer as it will help improve communication between the trainer and the dog itself. This basic article will help you get your dog’s attention and help them distinguish between different tones of whistles for different activities.

  1. Muzzle

The muzzle is a basic tool for canine trainers although it is necessary to consider that this tool must be used with care. Bear in mind that the muzzle should be used to teach the dog not to bark at certain times or attack, although if care is not taken and it is educated correctly, it can cause stress in the dog that can trigger some type of aggression when the muzzle is removed . In this way, it is necessary that the muzzle allows the animal to drink water and that is well adjusted so he cannot remove it by himself.

  1. Rods

The poles are another of the necessary dog training tools, although as with the muzzle, you should use them with care. And the fact is that the rods should be a dog training tool that help us guide and motivate the dog during the exercises, but it cannot be used to harm animal under any circumstances.

  1. Harness

With this tool you can educate and train some dogs that are trained to drag loads or to do different exercises in this regard.

  1. Sleeve and bite suit

There are times when it is necessary to train dogs for defence, teaching them to bite. In this case, the sleeveless suits to develop your work as a dog trainer and thus protect your own body during the activities and exercises with your dog.

Optional dog training tools

Optional tools for dog training mostly not needed, however they can be useful in some cases. Although it is not mandatory, it can facilitate the dog training of many exercises. Some of the items are more useful than others, and some may seem completely absurd to you, but the truth is that they can be particularly useful.

Optional equipment consists of a clicker, travel cage, stick or other target object, strain relief harness and a tape recorder. So, the choice is up to you and for any questions you might have, do not hesitate to contact us.