How to choose the best dog training treats?

How to choose the best dog training treats?

The question of choice best dog training treats is one of the most important for making any purchase, especially when it comes to four-legged friends. In fact, choosing the best treats for your dog is quite simple, you just need to read our material.

Why do you need dog training treats?

Before you make a choice for the best ones, let’s decide why you need them at all.

  1. While training: A treat is the best way to motivate a dog to perform the required actions.
  2. As an addition to food: as usual snacks include vitamins, trace elements and components which are improving digestion, get rid of plaque, or generally improve the dog’s hair.
  3. For no special reason: sometimes you just want to spoil your four-legged friend and instead of a piece of sugar or chocolate, it is better to give a special healthy treat.

Now you can proceed to the selection or rather to say to recommendations because all dogs’ tastes are different and it is impossible to say which treats will be best for your animal.

Step one: choose a type

 Best dog training treats could be produced in various forms so we start with their features.

Jerked or dried meat

Natural, dried pieces of meat and by-products (for example, hearts, stomachs, lungs) of various sizes and shapes. A variety of meats are used as a raw material — from chicken and beef to lamb, rabbit or even fish, so you can easily choose the most favorite option or give your pet various treats.


They are softer than jerked meat and very similar to human food, except differences in ingredients. They can be made from various types of meat, have an edible coating, and often contain various health supplements. 

Training treats

Usually, these are small crispy slices of meat flour and various health supplements. They also contain carbohydrates which are a source of necessary energy during active work.


The most carbohydrate treats geared primarily for active dogs. Your dog should not overeat them as it can cause obesity.

Long-lasting treats

Unlike other dog training treats and cookies, these delicacies can interest a dog for a long time. The reason is that they are hard to crack and swallow. Typically, it includes a certain type of meat for taste and a large amount of tough, dried skin that unfolds when biting. They are also good for removing plaque that makes them not only interesting and tasty but also healthy and useful.

Step two: study the ingredients

The form and appearance of the treats mainly determine the purpose but the ingredients affect the body. So before choosing the best dog treats, you need to study the meals no matter how small it was written. 

First of all, find out the amount of meat contained in the product. It is always indicated in percentage. There is not enough real meat in budget treats so сo-products and cereals or rice replace it. And since dogs have a stronger scent than people there taste enhancers are used sometimes. Be careful as they can cause allergies. It is good when the meat percentage is at least 20–25% and all used сo-products are indicated.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to health supplements. They are usually indicated on the front of the package by large inscriptions. For instance, they could be written like this: “with vitamins”, “+ calcium”, “contains fiber”. As you know, vitamins are essential for immunity and general organism tonus, calcium is needed for strong teeth and bones, and fiber improves the digestive tract. There may be no useful additives and you can use treats as a reward so be sure that the dog gets supplements from the basic diet.

Step three: look at the manufacturer and the price

You can evaluate the quality of the product and its benefits by brand and price. Like dry food, treats are also available in different price categories. The cheapest ones contain little meat and big amount of flavorings. The best treats for dogs are much more expensive but offer a wide choice in meat and natural ingredients.

As a guide we offer you the following manufacturers:

  • Wellness Natural. It produces various types of delicacies of the highest quality: both universal treats and useful products for joints, teeth, and stomach.
  • Grain Free Puppy best dog training treats. It offers high-quality and affordable products for dogs of various breeds. They contain a lot of meat and sometimes vegetables and herbs.

Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

  • Rocco & Roxie. It is a little more expensive than Wellness Natural but in addition to the choice ingredients, it offers unique products, such as chicken sandwiches or low-calorie treats for overweight dogs.

Rocco & Roxie Training Treats

  The products of the above manufacturers are available mostly in pet stores. We do not recommend dog training treats from TV advertising. The reason is the low quality of the meat and co-products of unknown origin. In the best case, they are useless, although they seem very tasty to dogs. Following these simple steps, you can choose the best treatment for your dog and it will certainly will response you with a good mood and affection.