Police dog training

Police dog training

Lastly, we hear more and more about the role of police dogs in our society because thanks to their abilities they help the security forces in many missions that´s why the police dog training is very important. The dogs that apply for these positions must meet a series of requirements and undergo specific training and it called police dog training. We tell you what training police dogs follow and what is the best way to educate them.

To begin with, it should be noted that police dogs are those used by security forces and bodies, including customs and drug detection in transportations, and those of firefighters, civil protection and rescue groups.

To be eligible, they must have highly developed instinct and smell and belong to the morphologically appropriate breeds for the tasks to be carried out: there are breeds not suitable to act as police dogs; the most common are the German Shepherd, the Belgian Shepherd, the Labrador, the Pointer or the Spanish Water Dog.

The socialization of police dogs is essential

At this point there is still a lot of work to be done for police dog training, which will be the responsibility and will depend, on the breeder if he lives with him, on the new partner if his role is to educate him until he passes to the specific training of the specialty or already, of the institution itself, to the one that will finally carry out his functions. Either way his task is crucial and one of the most important, much more than the specific training, the mission in this period, is socialization, if it is not available, in its perfect balance, it can practically be said that it is not it will be able to carry out its task as a working dog.

Therefore the police dog training is even more important, because it has to be a dog that will be exposed to noise, traffic, conflicts, riots, children; in addition to different types of surfaces, stairs, landslides, slippery terrain, escalators, moving belts, obstacles, walls, etc. then, it is crucial that in the period from 8 weeks to 6 months in particular, dogs of all purposes, both professional and domestic, are dedicated to adaptation and socialization, to avoid future psychological trauma, phobias or even grudges .

The link is achieved with daily care, brushing, walking, playing. It should not be forgotten that dogs already know how to sit, lie down, bark, all we do is teach them to do what they already know, but to do it when instructed or at the right time.

Once the bond has been reached, through playing with balls, chew toys or other toys dear to and appreciated by the dog, he is taught how to collect the toy, which consists of picking up the toy and bringing it back to us, to throw it back, a very fun game for both of us. In this game we start with short distances to increase each time and with the passage of time we will hide, since it is a game, the best for the dog and more rewarding, because it is doing an activity with the person it loves the most, it could not feeling better.

Later on, the smell of food begins to hide from him so that it stimulates his smell and later we introduce the smell that we want him to look for, inside the toy, roller or ball, to gradually put the smell inside, so that he only looks for the toy with the only desire to do what he likes best, as I said, play and play again.

The most important thing in the police dog training is that all comes down to good animal treatment, bonding, great care, socialization and play, so that the animal works at ease, out of trauma and with enthusiasm.