Top-Rated Service Dog Vests and Harnesses 2020

Top-Rated Service Dog Vests and Harnesses 2020

There are a dozen reasons why service dogs have special rules and rights. What’s more important is identification because these animals work hard every day. Having the aid of a service dog allows people with a disability to live a normal life. That’s why you need to have service dog vests and harnesses. 

Among the many types of clothing, the most popular are vests and harnesses for dogs. The popularity of this dog’s wardrobe item is explained by its versatility and the variety of species allows you to use such things all year round. 

In this article we will observe the best items among different models of service dog vests and harnesses. In addition, we will provide useful information while choosing service dog vests and harnesses. 

In this article: 

Why You Should Buy a Service Dog Vest or Harness

Which Important Characteristics You Need to Consider

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Rated Service Dog Vests and Harnesses

Best Overall: Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness with Hook and Loop Straps and Handle

Best Cape Vest: Petjoy-Wiredog Quick-Ship Service Dog Vest

Best Pulling Harness: YOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harness

Best Comfortable Harness: Fairwinds Service Vest Dog Harness 

Best Budget Buy: FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dog

— Why Service Dogs Are Important? 

 Why You Should Buy a Service Dog Vest or Harness

If you have a service dog, you need to buy a vest or seat belt that identifies it. There are several reasons for this:

  • First, when your dog wears an item, he will know that he is in the work process. Working time is not a time to frolic, run, or have fun, as our pets like to do. When the dog takes off his vest, she realizes that it is time to play or walk. Since your service dog is with you in most cases, it will be useful to keep a bottle of water on hand so that your companion will receive the right amount of fluid throughout the day.
  • Secondly, use a belt or vest so that the people around you understand that your dog is working. This can help prevent unwanted attention in the form of affection and treats from others. Most people know that if a dog is wearing a service vest it means that dog (and its owner) should not be disturbed. You can also point to the vest and say: “Please do not pet my dog». A vest or harness can also interfere with interrogation by store and restaurant managers who usually do not allow dogs to work. A service dog is allowed where its owner is allowed. 
  • Thirdly, although it is not prescribed by law regulations, it is always better to provide a service dog with a vest or other identification card saying that it is a service dog. Such a simple outfit allows the trainer to freely access places that might otherwise be restricted to pets. For example, if you try to pull a dog through the airport guard without proper service, this could be a difficult process. 

 Which Important Characteristics You Need to Consider

A vest or harness should have several important features. In order to understand which product is suitable for your service dog, you need to consider several criteria:

Fit. You must be sure that your dog’s vest or harness is not too loose so that they can slip and will not put too much pressure. This eliminates light sitting, trot, and lies.

Comfort. Padded straps, a breathable mesh lining, and other features will help your hardworking dog feel comfortable during a long work process.

Easy to put on and take off. Be prepared for the situation when a vest or harness needs to be often worn and removed. Product properties should be able to easily do this.

Easy to attach a leash. You may need a type of vest or harness that will support you while walking if your service dog is pulling your wheelchair. You may also need a D-shaped ring that will make it easier to attach the leash.

Thus, you need to make sure that you have a way to protect your dog all the time while you are away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a service dog vest and how does it work? 

A service dog vest is a special equipment that service dogs wear when working. The purpose of this equipment can be interpreted in different ways:

— tells the dog that it works right now.

— tells people that your dog is a service dog.

This means that people around you should not pet your dog or feed him treats without your explicit permission.

Depending on the situation, your service dog may have additional or different labels on the vest. Some vests or seat belts have pockets for storing necessary items. For example, water. Features are based on your needs and the needs of your four-legged friend.

What are the different types of service dogs?

There are many different types of service dogs. Service dogs provide assistance in everyday life to people with any type of disability, physical or mental condition: 

Some types of service dogs include: 

—Guide dogs, which lead the blind and visually impaired;

—Hearing dogs for the deaf;

—Wheelchair Help Dogs that might pull a wheelchair;

—Service dogs that can alert their handlers that a seizure might occur as well as provide assistance or help for the handler;

—Psychiatric service dogs that work with owners who have psychiatric illnesses.

Does my service dog need a vest?

There are no special law requirements that a service dog must wear a vest or harness. This is about the preferences and needs of the owner. Sometimes service dogs must carry items for their owner. In this case, a vest with pockets or a backpack compatible makes it easier. However, if someone prefers a guard dog not to wear a vest, that’s good as well. 

Can an emotional support dog wear a service dog vest?

There is no need in wearing a service dog vest for pets with emotional support. Emotional support dog has certain advantages. For example, the skills to live with its owner even indoors on the pet-free territory and the ability to cope with air flights. However, shops and restaurants should not allow emotional support dogs to enter. Moreover, in accordance with local health standards, it is forbidden to allow emotional support pets. However, you always have the opportunity to buy a vest for an emotional support dog but it is important not to confuse it with a vest for a service dog.

Editor's PicksName of the brand Rating
Best Pulling HarnessYOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harness4.4
Best OverallIndustrial Puppy Service Dog Harness with Hook and Loop Straps and Handle4.5
Best Comfortable HarnessFairwinds Service Vest Dog Harness4.3
Best Cape VestPetjoy-Wiredog Quick-Ship Service Dog Vest4.5
Best Budget BuyFAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dogs4.2

Best Overall: Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness with Hook and Loop Straps and Handle

The Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness with Hook and Loop Straps and Handle was our best option with 4.5 ratings due to the numerous advantages considering the dog’s comfort. This heavy-duty double-seam nylon harness has removable pads. This allows you to use the same harness for all walks and not switch depending on the location.

  • It has a simple belly buckle that makes putting on a belt quick, easy, and safe.
  • This harness can be held in a bag for food, bowls, or medicine and the top-mounted handle provides control of the dog in a case of emergency. 
  • This harness has reflective straps that make night walks safe. 
  • The mesh is breathable to make your dog comfortable even in hot weather conditions. 

Best Cape Vest: Petjoy-Wiredog Quick-Ship Service Dog Vest

The Petjoy-Wiredog Quick-Ship Service Pet Vest was our top choice in the category of Best Cape Vests. These bright colored vests will demonstrate to others that your dog is a service pet. 

  • The vest is manufactured in various sizes to fit a tiny 8-pound dog or a large 115-pound dog. 
  • It is easy to put off and put on thanks to fully adjustable chest and trouser belts with quick-release buckles.
  • Together with vests, information cards on service dogs are provided. These cards can be given to everyone who does not understand the law regarding service dogs so that you can return to what you are doing without interference. 

The vest is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.

Best Pulling Harness: YOGADOG – Heavy Duty Dog Harness

The YOGADOG — Heavy Duty Dog Harness is our best choice for service dog harnesses. This harness is good for service dogs who pull a wheelchair and is also the best option if you are training dogs for service dogs. This harness made for larger dogs from 28 to 38 inches.

  • A special elastic grip provides comfort and safety for the dog and its owner.
  • It also has a comfortable soft chest and a ventilated back to keep your dog content.
  • The reflective seams and waterproof nylon webbing help ensure good visibility and safety. 
  • The attached D-ring provides great control and space for attaching the leash and ID tags.

Best Comfortable Harness: Fairwinds Service Vest Dog Harness 

The Fairwinds Service Vest Dog Harness is our option for the best comfortable service dog harness. It includes a 20-month warranty and a 60-day hassle-free return policy.

  • It has a cozy design, including a padded back, comfortable neck straps and a breathable mesh lining. 
  • Made from sturdy nylon, the harness also features a stainless steel D-ring for a leash and ID tag. In addition, the “service dog” labels could be removed. 
  • The harness manufactured in several different sizes in order to fit a wide range sizes of the dog’s body. 

Best Budget Buy: FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dogs

The FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness for Service Dogs is our best choice for those who want to economize on their means. It comes in all sizes including small, medium, and large dogs. 

  • It has adjustable neck and chest straps for customizing the size and fit. 
  • The harness has padded straps and a breathable mesh lining. The harness is made from a lightweight oxford material, so it can help to avoid weigh your dog down.
  • The color is very bright and the wording is reflective to raise your safety level at night. 
  • The “service dog” patches are removable so you can attach your leash to the included D-ring.

Why Service Dogs Are Important

Having a service dog gives a person the choice in limited conditions. These specially trained dogs are more than just companions. They can become your eyes, ears, hands, and even a medical warning. Having a service dog is of great importance in the lives of those who need special help.

In summary, the next time you see a service dog or choosing a vest or harness, remember what you’ve read in this article and know that these faithful dogs can save your life.